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Public health, ‘prevention’, and early intervention policies

  1. Public health policy: blog posts, books, and articles
  2. ‘Prevention’ and ‘early intervention’ policy: blog posts, book, articles

Scottish politics and policy:

  1. blog posts on elections and the referendum
  2. posts, books and articles on Scottish politics and policymaking
  3. ‘lectures’ on Scottish politics and policymaking

Postgraduate resources:

  1. be a Master of Public Policy (MPP)
  2. posts on doing a PhD

UK politics and policymaking

draft book chapters and blog posts

More on the main sections

There are sections on public policy theory and practice, public health policy and Scottish politics (and policy) (with a separate indyref page).

There is a separate 1000 words section in which I try to condense discussions of key policymaking concepts into an arbitrary-but-useful number of words. This is by far the most popular part of the site.

Books in development

I’m trying out the idea of pre-publication review, so there is a Politics of Evidence-based Policymaking page, with drafts of each chapter of the book., and Emily St Denny and I are writing a book on ‘prevention’ policy. There are two chapters of a book on UK policymaking, but I am making very slow progress!

Teaching and learning

I developed a blog-post-driven undergraduate course POLU9SP (if you are my student, we discuss these topics in lectures and tutorial), and I have a page with details of the new Master of Public Policy course at Stirling.  Don’t be fooled by the term ‘Master’, which makes higher education sound like a men-only club – 100% of my first intake were women (no, I won’t tell you the n).  You can also read a few posts on the PhD process.

The overall theme is comparative public policy – comparing policy theories, territories, policy areas/ issues and time periods.

If you really want to, you can see my ‘Green Access’ as a whole here and my Google Scholar page here, but I have tried to make my site more user friendly and put references to books/ articles/ posts where most appropriate. You can also find a decent list of my publications here.


If you like the font size of the blog, please thank @martingeorge

Look! I have pushed the boat out and bought the Premium version of wordpress so that you don’t get dodgy adverts at the bottom of my posts.

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  5. B Y

    Hello, I am a part-time student and just came across your blog. Thanks a million for putting the theories in such succinct and clear manners. I just bought your book Understanding Public Policy and wish that I came across your book earlier!! Wish you a great 2017!!

  6. swati

    Hello m a research scholar n m interested in policy research. I have few queries n could we talk through mail?

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