MSP Expenses

The Scottish Parliament and its MSPs are in a tricky position following the ongoing expenses scandal in Westminster. On the one hand, it is insulated to some extent from major criticism because it has already reformed its rules following concerns about the transparency of MSP expenses (in 2005, by publishing MSP expenses in detail and exploring how to allow the public to view MSP expenses online) and the ability of MSPs to profit from the sales of their second homes (in 2008, by voting to effectively make MSPs rent instead of buy).[1] Therefore, much has been made about the ability of Westminster to learn from Holyrood.[2] This may include reference to the statement expressed in the Langlands Review that allowances are there to reimburse expenses (accompanied by receipts) rather than augment salaries (in the light of Harry Cohen MP’s claims that the Thatcher government recommended using allowances rather than raising MP salaries) (see also 3.5).[3] The new rules on transparency also appeared to produce a fall in overall expense claims.[4] On the other hand, there is still the potential for guilt by association, and there is still a significant spotlight on the expense claims of MSPs.[5] It would not be a huge surprise to see the Scottish Parliament plans to phase out (owned) second homes accelerated (they were originally to be phased out by 2011).[6] The issue has certainly eclipsed earlier calls for Salmond to quit as an MP and stories which bemoan his lack of time spent in Westminster.[7] It also puts previous Scottish Parliament scandals in perspective – the SNP’s Minister for Parliamentary Business Bruce Crawford suggested recently[8] that former First Minster Henry McLeish was harshly treated before his resignation (but would not make the same statement about Wendy Alexander).

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