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The Release of the Lockerbie Bomber

This is the introduction to the Scotland Devolution Monitoring Report
September 2009 but with added references. For the full reports see http://www.ucl.ac.uk/constitution-unit/research/devolution/devo-monitoring-programme.html

The decision by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill to release the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, from Greenock Prison on compassionate grounds stands out as the major event in this period.[i] Indeed, it is difficult to think of any other ‘Scottish’ issue that would command such international attention or prompt so much analysis on the SNP’s governing competence on the world stage.[ii] The issue is multi-faceted and still unfolding in the public domain. As such, we have witnessed a classic media process in which attention lurches from one aspect of the story to another.[iii] In July, when much less was known (and there were rumours that MacAskill was ‘minded’ to release him[iv]), an administrative focus on how MacAskill conducted his inquiry was followed by claims that he would struggle to meet the deadline for a decision[v] and that much depended on whether or not al-Megrahi would drop his appeal[vi] (al-Megrahi has since protested his innocence[vii]). We then had a period considering the extent to which MacAskill would be subject and vulnerable to a wide range of political pressure, from domestic media coverage (of the families of victims, members of the emergency services) to public opinion, opposition parties and international representations (particularly from the US, with figures such as US senators, the FBI director Robert Mueller and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton highly vocal on the issue) against al-Megrahi’s release[viii] (with some speculation about reverse pressure from the UK Government to allow his release as a way to foster closer economic and political links between the UK and Libya).

Other periods focused on how this relates to wider forms of parliamentary political pressure on MacAskill following the recent prospect of a vote of no confidence in Parliament (although 3.1 shows that the Scottish Parliament only became involved formally after the decision was made)[ix] and how Scotland would look on the world stage. Then came the decision and an extended period of discussion on MacAskill’s reasons for al-Megrahi’s release. More could have been made of the Scottish-UK intergovernmental issue had MacAskill agreed to Megrahi’s release under the UK-Libya prisoner transfer agreement devised in 2007, particularly since Alex Salmond was highly critical of then Prime Minister Tony Blair’s involvement in the agreement and the absence of FCO consultation with the Scottish Government. However, if anything, the lack of Scotland-UK contact seemed the bigger issue.[x] Instead, MacAskill released Megrahi on compassionate grounds, based on a principle in Scots law that prisoners should be eligible for compassionate release if they are terminally ill and close to death. This allowed him and Salmond to present a narrative based Scottish ministerial autonomy, leaving others to explore the degree of external interference. Indeed, a consistent focus throughout was on the extent to which this was a Scottish rather than a UK decision, and it became clear very early on that the UK Government was eager to be seen to take a hands-off role, respecting the principle of executive devolution. This appeared to backfire on Prime Minister Gordon Brown personally when he was roundly criticised for making no comment at all,[xi] particularly given the extent of the rumours about deals done (‘in the desert’[xii]) between the UK and Libyan Governments over business contracts (and, to a lesser extent, concerns about links between the decision and terrorism[xiii]).

So far, although the decision initially appeared unpopular with Scots and potentially damaged the SNP’s electoral chances, it has not undermined the status of the minority Scottish Government. Neither has it produced significantly greater pressure for MacAskill (already under parliamentary pressure over such issues as knife crime and court reforms[xiv]) to resign as Justice Secretary. Much opposition party criticism has focussed on MacAskill’s handling of the case, including not only his decision to visit al-Megrahi in prison[xv] but also his reliance on particular sources of medical advice to determine the severity of his cancer[xvi] and the amount of time he had to live, and his rejection of other solutions related to compassionate release (including the prospect of housing and policing al-Megrahi in a care home or hospice in Scotland[xvii]). Some eyes have also been raised when MacAskill’s initial speech made reference to the links between compassion and religion. Yet, there was not a meaningful call for MacAskill’s resignation. In part, this is because Alex Salmond went at great lengths to publicly back MacAskill[xviii], if need be by releasing official documents[xix] (and because many figures, including Nelson Mandela, supported the decision).[xx] The SNP’s position was also helped by growing criticism of the role of the UK Government.

Al-Megrahi’s welcoming reception in Libya (with much of the crowd waving Saltires[xxi]) threatened to stoke up the issue further and, for a short period, the international reaction was intense,[xxii] even extending to some US campaigns to punish Scotland economically.[xxiii] US President Obama was also said to be ‘disappointed’ by the decision. Yet, there are now signs that attention has moved on and that initial reactions have been tempered.[xxiv]

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