Scottish Government and Public Policy September 2009

This is chapter 4 of the Scottish Devolution Monitoring Report September 2009, but with added references at the end. For the full reports see

Key Points:

  • The neutrality and conduct of senior Scottish Government civil servants has come under considerable opposition party scrutiny
  • The agendas on public spending and expenses have focused attention to the size and cost of the Scottish public sector
  • There is still a clear difference in the UK and Scottish Government approaches to targetry
  • The recession (and Diageo affair) has further exposed the limited levers the Scottish Government enjoys over the economy
  • The swine flu pandemic has exposed intergovernmental disagreement over treatment funding
  • The Scottish Government continues to build on tobacco controls and further the agenda on alcohol regulation
  • The parties continue to disagree over short term sentencing and progress made on police numbers, but have worked well together on sexual offences legislation
  • The SNP seems at its most vulnerable when defending its record on education
  • Blame-avoidance may be more likely than earlier intervention in social work cases
  • The Climate Change Act introduces new targets to reduce emissions
  • Scottish crofting policy remains unresolved
  • New council housing may not be enough to address bigger problems of affordable and social rented housing
  • The new ‘Scottish Six’ may come from the STV, not the BBC

4.1 The Scottish Government
As the introduction to this report suggests, most attention to the Scottish Government in this period was focussed on the release of the Lockerbie bomber. More recently, opposition parties (and Scottish Labour in particular) have explored the chance to criticise the Scottish Government through its civil service. Permanent Secretary John Elvidge has come under particular scrutiny in this period. Elvidge has been on Labour’s radar for some time following his statement in 2007 suggesting that the Scottish civil service was effectively operating independently, his involvement in 2008 in debates between the Treasury and the Scottish Government about the adequacy of the Scottish budget and, in 2009, his involvement (criticised by the Public Audit Committee – see 3.7) in the governance of Transport Scotland.[1] In August, Labour complained about the tone of Elvidge’s article to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, which suggested that the administrative reorganisation of the Scottish Government represented a marked improvement.[2] In September it pounced on the suggestion from a leaked Scottish Government minute that senior civil servants favoured using ‘conflict and confrontation’ as part of their overall strategy when dealing with UK Government departments.[3] It also alleges that Elvidge is taking the Scottish Government’s side over the latest factual debate with the UK Government on the adequacy of the Scottish Government’s budget[4] and on opposition party complaints that the SNP Government is using National Conversation events and holding cabinet meetings outside Edinburgh to further its by-election campaign.[5] Overall, there is some disquiet that neutral civil servants are supporting the biases of their political masters by, for example, articulating their priorities in relation to National Conversation aims. Yet, this is to present a skewed notion of the relationship between ministers and civil servants based on the unrealistic idea that the latter have some objective higher level of loyalty to the Crown. Rather, civil servants exist to implement the policies of the ministers they serve.

There has also been a miscellany of stories continuing long-term themes: companies can pay the SNP to be in the presence of Scottish Government ministers; ministers do not use enough green transport; and, in this age of austerity (and expenses scandals), the Scottish Government is not doing enough to cut extraneous hospitality and travel costs. More substantively, the prospect of a reduced budget has focused attention on the overall cost of the public sector – in terms of the overall numbers of staff employed, the salaries enjoyed by key executives and the perennial issue of number and cost of quangos. While the Scottish Government line is that the number of quangos in Scotland is falling (see 5.5), we will not have the full picture without examining the number of employees and their costs[6] or, more ambitiously, a measure of what they deliver at a certain cost.[7]

4.2 Public Sector Targets
The UK Government’s latest document on public sector reform was portrayed in The Telegraph as a U-turn on its previous commitment to stringent targets backed by strong central control.[8] As such, this would represent significant convergence with devolved government policies and policy styles. Yet, further inspection of this document suggests something else: that adherence to targets (particularly in the NHS) is so accepted in the UK public sector that the process no longer requires strong central direction. As such, they have become ‘guarantees’ that consumers of public services can count on (and complain about if they are not delivered). No such guarantees are provided by the Scottish Government’s targets (although NHS targets are still being met), providing opposition parties with easy headlines (rather than a more mature debate on the effectiveness of targets).[9]

4.3 The Economy
Although it annoyed the unions when Scottish Enterprise Minister Jim Mather said it, the Scottish economy may be less hard hit (in terms of unemployment and growth) than the UK average.[10] However, it also grows more slowly than the UK average and so may take longer to recover from recession. Usually this is not worrying because the UK average masks much higher activity in the south and south east of England and Scotland does well compared to the rest. However, there is now some suggestion that regions with large public sectors (like the devolved territories) are the least well equipped to grow.[11] Perhaps the more pressing problem for a devolved government is the lack of policy levers to influence economic development (including control over North Sea oil revenues[12]). For example, there is still no resolution to the funding of the Forth bridge (which effectively needs Treasury approval), while the Scottish Futures Trust still does not look like a realistic way to get round Treasury rules on borrowing for capital projects. The Scottish Government’s attempts to stop Diageo closing down key operations in Scotland proved unsuccessful[13] (while Whyte and MacKay cited alcohol policy reform as one reason for its decision to cut jobs in Scotland).[14] Following its deal with Scottish Labour in the last annual budget, one of its key levers is to fund and subsidise apprenticeships.[15] It also has the power to reform planning laws to aid building projects, relax the regulations on bankruptcy[16] and pay businesses promptly[17] and provides funding for employment-based training.[18] There have also been calls for colleges and universities to make a bigger contribution.[19] The recession has also highlighted another interesting connection between reserved and devolved issues, following UK Government measures to make sure that those with mental health problems retain their jobs.[20]

4.4 Healthcare and Public Health
The swine flu pandemic has raised an interesting issue regarding Scottish funding. While critical accounts of Scottish financial advantage suggest that the expense of initiatives such as free prescriptions (and the provision of expensive drugs often not provided by English health authorities) is met by the English taxpayer, recent developments suggest that the lack of equivalent policies for England allows the English NHS to maintain a relatively large surplus.[21] This has come in handy following calls by the Scottish Government for the Treasury to fund swine flu treatment as a national emergency. Instead, the Treasury has argued that the money should come from the NHS budget, knowing that this can be delivered in England.[22] If not for the swine flu, other issues such as C difficile (the Vale of Leven will now be subject to a public inquiry) and MRSA (a new screening process has been announced) may have received more attention. So too would drugs policy be higher on the agenda, particularly since there is still a battle of ideas taking place between critics of methadone treatments and harm reduction (including most notably the Scottish Conservatives) and those who recommend going further, to emulate pilots in England which prescribe heroin instead (the Scottish Government has announced that it will introduce a HEAT target on drugs in November[23]).[24] The battle of ideas is also raging in relation to the future of a free NHS.[25]

4.5 Cigarettes, Alcohol and Food
The BMA recently praised the Scottish Parliament as a forum to deliver innovative public health laws, citing the smoking ban as the most important policy in its ten years.[26] The ban has not only opened the door for further tobacco restrictions (the latest is a proposed ban on tobacco displays at point-of sale, while there are calls to criminalise the act of buying cigarettes for children[27]), but also other controls justified on public health grounds, such as the proposed (by an MSP) ban on trans fats[28] and the Scottish Government’s agenda on alcohol policy (backed by some damning evidence of alcohol use in Scotland).[29] The key development in this period is the introduction of new licensing regulations (based on the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 passed by the previous Scottish Executive) giving licensing boards a wider remit when considering the fitness of someone applying to hold a license to sell alcohol, and to review existing license holders (in part by clarifying the rights of individuals and organisations to complain about particular premises).[30] Some reports have suggested that the regulations will be used to support minimum pricing ‘by stealth’ because in theory licensing boards could argue that (say) buy-one-get-one-free offers in supermarkets promoted anti-social behaviour. Yet, this has been countered by the Glasgow Licensing Board which argues that the regulations are not strong enough.[31] In any case, the Scottish Government has already accepted the need for parliamentary support on minimum pricing[32] (and, ideally, some degree of support from the drinks industry).[33]

4.6 Justice
It now seems a very long time ago that Kenny MacAskill was coming under pressure regarding Brian Martin’s escape from an open prison (see also 3.2 – this was the subject of a complaint made about Alex Salmond).[34] The issue of short-term prison sentencing (‘one of the most bitterly contested issues since the SNP took power in 2007’[35]) is less likely to be short lived. MacAskill’s stance has been bolstered in this period by further complaints about prison overcrowding which undermines rehabilitation efforts and new statistics which suggest that reoffending rates among short-term prisoners is high (3 of 4 reoffend within 2 years) and the continued support of former Labour First Minister Henry McLeish.[36] However, opposition parties (and Scottish Labour in particular) continue to use his stance as a sign of weakness, particularly when linked to the issue of knife crime.[37] There is similar conflict over the issue of police numbers, with Labour suggesting that the Scottish Government’s success at meeting an interim target will be short lived given the financial crisis in the police force.[38] There is more consensus on the Scottish Government’s sexual offences bill (see 3.9), with signs that MSPs are engaging in the details and the Scottish Government is open to amendments.[39] See also 3.9 on the resolution to claims made regarding slopping out.

4.7 Education
The SNP seems at its most vulnerable when defending its record on education, particularly when issues such as the number of teachers in work, school class sizes, the curriculum for excellence, the condition of the school estate, free nursery care, student debt and the long-term financing of universities are on the agenda (see also 3.5).[40] However, in many cases there are understandable problems, such as the choice between training more teachers and making sure that existing trainees can find work and balancing two potentially contradictory policy aims – such as the aim to produce national policies on class sizes and the curriculum, but also to foster local government autonomy which will inevitably produce territorial variations. As 5.1 discusses, there is also some confusion about the primary purpose of the Scottish Government decision to reduce the legal maximum primary 1 class size from 30 to 25 to reduce the ability of parents to appeal to ‘close a legal loophole that has undermined the government’s policy on class sizes’ while giving local authorities some flexibility when trying to meet the target of 18.[41] Not surprisingly, the agenda on raising top-up fees in England has reignited calls for their introduction in Scotland.[42] As 3.5 suggests, this would be much more likely under a Labour-led Scottish Government.

4.8 Social Services and Social Work
The cases of Brandon Muir and Baby P have prompted calls for social workers to intervene more and take children into care quicker.[43] Yet, the main response may actually be what Hood et al call institutionalised ‘blame-avoidance’[44] as social work departments react to media and political criticism.[45] A report by the Care Commission suggests that only half of all care homes meet national standards on nutrition.[46] While the introduction of ‘free’ personal care for older people in Scotland was a flagship policy for the former Scottish Executive it was not a panacea. Thus, the UK Government’s Green Paper on the issue may reignite the agenda in Scotland.[47]

4.9 Energy, Transport and Environment
The biggest development in this period is the passing of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 (see 3.9). Following some negotiation with the Scottish Parliament, the Scottish Government brought forward its interim target from 2030 to 2020 and increased the proposed reduction in emissions from 34% to 42%.[48] The Scottish Government also has also opened consultation on waste targets.[49] The debate over the Beauly to Denny line continues despite some (much criticised) attempts by MSPs to speed up the process.[50] The Scottish Government is still hopeful that the high speed rail link will reach Scotland and that Scotland’s road vehicles will be electric or low carbon within 10 years.[51] Civil servants in the UK and Scottish Governments have been accused of delaying renewable energy incentives and home lagging respectively.[52]

4.10 Agriculture, Fish, Food and Water
The Scottish Government has followed a long tradition in producing crofting policies not welcomed by crofters’ representatives (or not implementing existing policy).[53] It remains opposed to GM food.[54] The role of the EU continues to produce consternation – for example – the Common Fisheries Policy has come under further attack and sheep farmers are unhappy about electronic tagging.[55]

4.11 Housing and Homelessness
Although the SNP promise to build more council houses seemed like the end of an era (with more funding announced this year)[56], a bigger surprise would come from the implementation of Conservative promises to follow suit in England.[57] However, the numbers involved would struggle to make up for shortages in affordable and social rented housing allegedly caused by the right to buy, the rise in repossessions during the recession and the lack of funding available.[58] However, some progress has been made on homelessness targets.[59]

4.12 Culture and Media
The SNP has published its plans for broadcasting under an independent Scotland as part of its National Conversation.[60] More pressing is the funding and provision of broadcasting and newspaper services.[61] The longest running media issue since devolution took a new twist when STV announced it would run the ‘Scottish Six’.[62] Although the Homecoming appears to be a success, it seems that the SNP and its opposition can not agree on which parts of Scottish history they should celebrate.[63]


4.1 The Scottish Government

SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT COSTS (see also MP expense headlines)
J. Allardyce 28.6.09 ‘SNP ‘is touting ministers to business’’ The Times
J. Robertson 9.8.09 ‘Sky-high cost of ministers’ luxury travel’ The Times
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22.8.09 ‘Thousands of council staff face pay freeze until 2014 because of cuts to public spending’
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24.8.09 ‘Public sector costs taxpayers £58bn a year, says think tank’ The Herald
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QUANGOS (see 5.5 in the September 2009 Scottish Devolution Monitoring Report)
30.5.09 ‘Quango cuts ‘to save £40m’’ The Scotsman–
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M. White 6.7.09 ‘Culling the quangos (again)’ The Guardian
R. Lydall 7.7.09 ‘Cameron pledges a ‘bonfire of quangos’’ The Scotsman–

4.2 Public Sector Targets
P. Johnston 29.6.09 ‘The ultimate turnaround from Labour, the dying Government’ The Telegraph

Article puts it down as a big U-turn on targets, but I think it is a bit of a fudge – keeping NHS and education targets as ‘guarantees’ to be upheld by consumers plus old-fashioned targets on e.g. child poverty and emissions that are aspirations rather than punished if not met.

p18 (16 on pdf); 61; 62-3; 64; 65 “Across the public services, the next stage of reform will be characterised by moving from a system based primarily on targets and central direction to one where individuals have enforceable entitlements over the service they receive … As we extend clear service entitlements, so we will devolve greater responsibility and power to the front line, offer greater choice and control for users and continue to tackle robustly underperformance and failure wherever it occurs …. Once aspirational targets are now almost universally delivered, like the 18-week maximum waiting time from referral to treatment … We have achieved these improvements through a radical reform programme over the last 12 years. Initially this relied on a heavily top-down approach. Central government intervened to drive up quality and standards. Because we were impatient to drive through improvements in services, we relied on direct central government action – for example to tackle underperforming schools and to set targets for healthcare waiting times. But the progress made means we are now in a position to move decisively to the next phase of reform – empowering individuals and communities with clear entitlements and freeing up front-line professionals to be more responsive, innovative and personalised. Local and national government will remain key players in this new phase – setting out entitlements that are right for different public services and intervening swiftly to ensure they are delivered. But the key relationship in the next decade will not be between the government and the public service provider. It will be between the empowered individual service-user and the public service professional – with a strong, strategic role for government to ensure the system works in the best interests of all those who depend on our vital services … we have fostered innovation and flexibility in service provision by freeing up public service professionals, by increasing training and development and recruiting more of our country’s highest achievers into our key public services. There are now more opportunities for professionals to lead and personalise services, and new institutions – like Foundation Trusts in the NHS and Trust and Academy schools – have given local professionals significant autonomy to improve services. And we have reduced the number of targets for local authorities from over 1,000 performance indicators to just 35 agreed priorities in each area … once aspirational targets will become the guarantees for all patients. For example, the right to be seen by a cancer specialist in under two weeks. And we will establish robust redress mechanisms so that where patients fail to receive their entitlements, they and their advocates will be equipped to act – getting access to alternative services … By establishing self-policing systems of rights and entitlements, the users of services can be empowered to ensure minimum standards are achieved, and the role of government can be further streamlined, and any unnecessary bureaucracy removed, for example, reducing the focus of Strategic Health Authorities in the NHS on the performance management of targets … p76 To ensure that officers are freed up to deliver the highest service, we have scrapped all the central targets for the police except one: building public confidence … p77 we move from a system based on targets and central direction, to one where individuals and communities have enforceable entitlements over the service they receive, with clear redress mechanisms when those entitlements are not delivered. World class public services should be a guarantee, not a gamble. So we will build on the introduction of neighbourhood policing, the Policing Pledge, the ‘Engaging Communities in Justice’ Green Paper, and the ‘Justice Seen Justice Done’ campaign to set out clearly the full range of what people can expect from their local police and justice system … p82 We are not setting a specific target for the reduction of immigration: we believe that a flexible system is better for British business and the British economy. But in tough economic times it is right to be more selective about the skill levels of migrants, and to do more to put British workers first. So this year we have tightened up the system … p83 We continue to remove increasing numbers of foreign criminals – exceeding our targets of 4000 in 2007 and 5000 in 2008, with a target of 5800 in 2009 … p103 Over the last year, working with partners in the EU, we have put in place the essential building blocks towards this goal. The EU has committed to reduce European emissions by 20 per cent by 2020, or 30 per cent as part of a strong global agreement. In December Britain played an instrumental role in passing the historic ‘2020 package’ of EU measures to implement that commitment, including a strengthening of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, a 20 per cent target for renewable energy, a 20 per cent improvement in energy efficiency by 2020, and a new financial support mechanism for carbon capture and storage technology, alongside radical new emissions standards for cars … p112Enshrining in law the Government’s commitment to eradicate child poverty by 2020;
• Defining success in eradicating child poverty based on four targets that aim to:
– reduce the proportion of children who are poor compared to the rest of society;
– ensure that no child experiences poverty for long periods of time. Families can often cope with a temporary period when their incomes fall, but research shows that long periods of poverty have a damaging effect on a child’s life chances;
– measure whether the poorest families see their real incomes increase over time to ensure that no family lives in absolute poverty; and
– improve living standards to ensure that all families are able to afford the necessities that others may take for granted, such as adequate housing or a space to play or study.

P121 (119 on pdf) Key Deliverables 2011 to 2020
These dates are indicative only

2011 • No child goes to a school where fewer than 30 per cent of students achieve five
good GCSEs or where a rigorous plan to meet that target is not in place


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4.3 The Economy
P. Jones 19.6.09 ‘GERS report shows Scots economy was £219m in surplus for 2007-2008’ The Times
P. Jones 24.6.09 ‘’No turning point in sight for Scottish economy’’ The Times
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If there is one headline that shows that Scotland is small beer to the Treasury it is the one showing that the effect of the recession is to reduce its tax take by more than the Scottish Government’s annual budget.
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L. Cameron 3.8.09 ‘Stevenson hails new rules to speed up planning’ The Scotsman
2.8.09 ‘Major planning changes in force’ BBC

4.6.09 ‘Graeme Brown: Don’t leave country’s charities to shoulder burden of cuts in council spending’ The Scotsman
12.6.09 ‘Public Social Partnership welcomed’ Scottish Government News Release
9.6.09 ‘Cabinet meets Third Sector’ Scottish Government News Release
24.6.09 ‘Further support for Third Sector’ Scottish Government News Release
D. Maddox 11.6.09 ‘’We need to save like England’ The Scotsman
D. Maddox 17.8.09 ‘Tories seek to exploit rifts over council tax successor’ The Scotsman
D. Scott 10.9.09 ‘Choosing the right tax to fund councils’ The Scotsman
4.4 Healthcare and Public Health and 4.5 Cigarettes, Alcohol and Food

I. Johnston 17.8.09 ‘Ministers ignored advice on mass issue of Tamiflu’ The Telegraph
C. Sweeney 23.7.09 ‘School holidays could be extended to slow spread of swine flu’ The Times
C. Sweeney 24.7.09 ‘Dying swine flu patient flown from Scotland to Swedish hospital’ The Times
24.7.09 ‘’Best chance’ for swine flu woman’ BBC
S. Lister 11.8.09 ‘Side-effects of Tamiflu outweigh benefits for children with swine flu, study shows’ The Times
13.7.09 ‘Flu staff praised’ The Scottish Government
23.7.09 ‘Influenza patient transfer’ The Scottish Government
A. Campsie 25.9.09 ‘Record as swine flu virus hits 1000 Scots each day’ The herald
24.9.09 ‘Swine flu Scot sent to England for treatment’ The herald
2.7.09 ‘Move to treatment phase’ Scottish Government News Release

L. Davidson 21.6.09 ‘Call for Westminster to foot bill for swine flu drugs’ The Times
A. Macleod 22.6.09 ‘Sturgeon accused of playing politics over swine flu’ The Times
B. Currie 19.7.09 ‘Sturgeon seizes on health cash warning’ The Herald

R. Smith 27.8.09 ‘NHS projected to have record £1.75bn surplus’ The Telegraph
31.8.09 ‘English cancer patients are failing to claim free prescriptions’ The Herald
17.8.09 ‘Cameron in ‘smears’ row over support for NHS’ The Herald

M. Reid 30.7.09 ‘SNP under fire after C. diff kills 28 people at Gartnavel Royal Hospital’ The Times
C. Sweeney 24.6.09 ‘No charges over worst C. diff outbreak’ The Times
29.7.09 ‘Hospital C. diff record defended’ BBC
8.7.09 ‘C. Diff rates at record low’ Scottish Government News Release
4.9.09 ‘C diff inquiry’ Scottish Government News Release
24.6.09 ‘Vale of Leven Inquiry’ Scottish Government News Release
9.9.09 ‘Boyack attack over superbug’ The Scotsman
T. Peterkin 30.8.09 ‘Hospitals start superbug screening programme’ The Scotsman–
9.9.09 ‘Improving patient safety’ Scottish Government News Release
29.6.09 ‘Consistency key to infection control’ Scottish Government News Release
8.6.09 ‘Superbug supremo selected’ Scottish Government News Release

M. Reid 17.6.09 ‘Call to combat the killer diseases that blight Scotland’s health’ The Times
M. Reid 17.6.09 ‘Case for vitamin D to do great deal of good grows more compelling’ The Times
24.9.09 ‘Government hails ‘fantastic’ cervical cancer jab campaign’ The Herald

10.9.09 ‘Scottish death rate falls to new low’ The Herald
B. Donnelly 24.9.09 ‘Scottish life expectancy still below UK average’ The Herald

S. MacDonald 5.7.09 ‘Methadone cost hits £16.6m’ The Times

S. Macnab 22.9.09 ‘Residential care for drug addicts at ‘astonishing’ all-time low’ The Scotsman
12.8.09 ‘Tackling drug deaths’ Scottish Government News Release

D. Maddox 5.8.09 ‘Fears over ban on tobacco displays’ The Scotsman
S. Macnab 2.8.09 ‘Support for ‘fire safe’ cigarettes’ The Scotsman
14.9.09 ‘Scottish ministers urged to make it a crime for adults to buy cigarettes for underage smokers’ The Herald
13.9.09 ‘Smoking ban cuts heart attack rate’ The Herald
23.9.09 ‘Campaigners warn smoking is a ‘childhood addiction’’ The Herald
22.9.09 ‘Reducing child smoking rates’ Scottish Government News Release
14.9.09’ Tobacco firms claim proposed display ban is ‘unnecessary’’ he Scotsman
D. Maddox 25.9.09 ‘Tobacco display ban moves a step closer with Holyrood vote’ The Scotsman
R. Dinwoodie 25.9.09 ‘MSPs vote to restrict sale of tobacco’ The Herald

M.O.Hara 7.6.09 ‘Concern over mental health training in public sector’ The Guardian
S. Naysmith 14.9.09 ‘Mental health festival aims to provide the feelgood factor’ he Herald
M. Linklater 16.9.09 ‘The illness that dare not speak its name’ The Times
20.9.09 ‘Adults With Incapacity Code’ Scottish Government News Release

J. Robertson 26.7.09 ‘Briefing: Junior doctors’ hours’ The Times
A. Craig 2.8.09 ‘NHS ‘urging junior doctors to lie about hours to comply with EU laws’’The Dailymail
M. Macaskill 16.8.09 ‘Junior doctors pushed to work illegal hours’ The Times
27.9.09 ‘The NHS bonus culture exposed’ The herald

23.6.09 ‘Concern over child health service’ BBC
R. Robertson 27.6.09 ‘Plan to merge nursing roles is abandoned by Sturgeon’ The Herald
G. Harris 27.6.09 ‘Harry Burns’s prescription for Scots’ The Times
M. De. Andrade 29.6.09 ‘MSPs seek answers as cervical cancer vaccine fears grow’ he Scotsman
L. Moss 30.6.09 ‘Doctors warn Brown: Don’t make us pay for your errors’ The Scotsman
R. Smith 20.6.09 ‘Complaining patients could end up with worse treatment’ The Telegraph
C. Hope 30.7.09 ‘NHS follows rules that ‘guarantee failure’, says Civitas’ The Telegraph
16.6.09 ‘Health board election pilots’ Scottish Government News Release
30.6.09 ‘Dentist numbers hit new high’ Scottish Government News Release

L. McIntosh and C. Sweeney 17.7.09 ‘Liquid gas safety rules ‘inadequate’ five years after Stockline’ The Times

22.6.09 ‘Minimum alcohol pricing policy backed by top medics’ The Scotsman
E. Barnes 5.7.09 ‘Minimum price for alcohol set at 40p per unit’ The Scotsman
12.7.09 ‘Warning over alcohol price plan’ BBC
28.7.09 ‘SNP alcohol ‘breakthrough’ as brewer backs minimum pricing’ the Scotsman
A. Macleod 28.7.09 ‘Brewer Molson Coors backs Scottish debate on minimum alcohol pricing’ The Times
G. Braiden 11.9.09 ‘Stores targeted in war on cut-price alcohol’ The Herald
B. Currie 12.9.09 ‘Government faces backlash over ban on cut-price alcohol’ He Herald
A. Macleod 15.9.09 ‘Watchdog challenge to minimum alcohol pricing’ he Times
T. Peterkin 16.9.09 ‘Whisky group attacks price plan’ The Scotsman (note point about Scottish Policy Style – does not mean that will agree to consulted demands! What about details?)
28.9.09 ‘Alcohol pricing could save £950m’ BBC
28.9.09 ‘Minimum alcohol pricing will save billions – report’ The Scotsman
S. Johnson 28.9.09 ‘Alcohol minimum price would save Scotland £950 million, claim academics’ he Telegraph
A. Macleod 29.9.09 ‘Minimum pricing will cost moderate drinkers £11 a year’ The Times
T. Peterkin 12.9.09 ‘SNP curb on drink prices is condemned in America’ The Scotsman–

R. Dinwoodie 27.7.09 ‘MacAskill postpones part of reform to drinks law’ The Herald
K. Bussey 31.7.09 ‘Licensing board chief slams ‘ambiguities’’ The Scotsman
E. Barnes 2.8.09 ‘Call to scrap alcohol laws as chaos looms’ The Scotsman
G. Braiden 1.9.09 ‘New licensing laws force pubs to shut’ The Herald
C. Sweeney 2.9.09 ‘Pubs forced to close as new licensing laws take effect’ The Times
26.7.09 ‘Alcohol licensing’ Scottish Government News Release
T. Peterkin 31.8.09 ‘Licensees forced to pay £60m to comply with new alcohol laws’ The Scotsman–

5.8.09 ‘’Little help’ for alcohol abusers’ BBC
14.9.09 ‘Government not making enough use of alcohol treatment centres, claim Lib Dems’ The Scotsman
M. Reid 15.9.09 ‘We must curb Scotland’s drink problem, says BMA boss’ The Times
A. Macleod 16.9.09 ‘Scottish alcohol deaths more than five times UK average’ The Times
C. Sweeney 3.6.09 ‘Minimum pricing ‘will have little effect on problem drinkers’’ The Times
C. Sweeney 30.6.09 ‘Alcohol behind 1 in 20 Scottish deaths’ The Times
23.6.09 ‘Smoking, drugs and alcohol survey’ Scottish Government News Release

R. Prince 22.7.09 ‘No takers for Alcohol Disorder Zones’ The Telegraph

4.6 Justice

D. Maddox 28.5.09 ‘MacAskill admits open jail gaffe over ‘Hawk’ prisoner’ The Scotsman–admits–
A. Macleod 28.5.09 ‘Kenny MacAskill shifts the blame over Castle Huntly escape’ The Times
L. Davidson 29.5.09 ‘Salmond fails to inform Holyrood of second escape from Castle Huntly jail’ the Times
1.6.09 ‘MacAskill challenged over claim of prisoner ‘cover-up’’ The Herald
30.5.09 ‘MacAskill feels the heat over murderer on the run’ The Herald
H. Macdonell ‘MacAskill dealt further blow as jailbreak pressure mounts’ The Scotsman
H. Macdonell 29.5.09 ‘Salmond accused as killer goes on the run’ The Scotsman–
H. Macdonell 1.6.09 ‘MacAskill dealt further blow as jailbreak pressure mounts’ The Scotsman
C. Fairweather 26.6.09 ‘MacAskill should have seen system was going awry for a long time’ The Scotsman
A. Macleod 26.6.09 ‘Brian Martin escaped from open prison despite warnings from police’ The Times
M. McLaughlin 26.6.09 ‘Report eases pressure on justice secretary’ The Scotsman
L. Adams 26.6.09 ‘Blunders that allowed violent inmate to abscond’ The Herald

M. Howie 26.5.09 ‘Sentences shake-up an easy option, believes half the public’ The Scotsman
M. Howie 24.6.09 ‘MSPs attack plans to give police input on sentences’ The Scotsman
S. Macnab 24.6.09 ‘Short jail terms for women slated’ The Scotsman
M. Wade 26.6.09 ‘Phase out short prison terms, says chief constable David Strang’ The Times

24.6.09 ‘£5.5m bid to speed up community service’ The Herald
K. Bussey 31.7.09 ‘MacAskill: Low-level offenders better off out of prison’ the Scotsman

9.6.09 ‘SPS to set out stance on jail overcrowding’ The Scotsman
J. Allardyce and M. Macaskill 14.6.09 ‘Focus: How to punish, if prison’s a break?’ The Times
T. Peterkin 4.7.09 ‘Anger at ‘soft’ jail terms for serious attacks’ The Scotsman
P. McBride 4.7.09 ‘MacAskill’s move to tie sheriff’s hands is nothing to do with justice’ The Scotsman
A. Macleod 5.7.09 ‘Cherie Blair backs community sentences and angers Labour’ The Times
6.7.09 ‘McLeish derides Labour critics of prison overhaul’ The Herald
A. philip 6.7.09 ‘McLeish hits out at Labour ‘nonsense’ on prison sentencing’ The Scotsman
D. Maddox 14.7.09 ‘’Soft-touch’ claim as community sentences soar by 30%’ The Scotsman
K. MacAskill 14.7.09 ‘SNP fails to record how many community orders completed’ The Times
18.7.09 ‘Prison chiefs admit inmate numbers exceed safe limits’ The Herald
A. Campsie 31.7.09 ‘Prison is not always the answer, MacAskill insists’ The Herald
M. Mclaughlin 18.9.09 ‘600% rise in ex-cons back in court after flouting their parole’ The Scotsman

B. Currie 15.7.09 ‘Pressure to mount on MacAskill for running of his department’ The Herald
M. Howie 16.7.09 ‘MacAskill in the dock over plans to scrap one in three courts’ The Scotsman
L. Davidson 15.7.09 ‘A third of courts could shut under legal review’ The Times
B. Currie 1.9.09 ‘On call: MacAskill returns to normal duties’ The Herald
31.5.09 ‘MacAskill facing Holyrood showdown’ The Scotsman

T. Peterkin 7.6.09 ‘Two-thirds of knife criminals avoid jail’ The Scotsman
M. Howie 23.7.09 ‘Police reveal nation divided in war against violent crime’ The Scotsman–
A. Philip 24.8.09 ‘Two-thirds of knife criminals have past conviction’ The Scotsman
31.8.09 ‘Knife crime statistics prompt Labour demand for jail terms’ The Herald
24.8.09 ‘LibDem: Prison largely useless as deterrent to knife crime’ The Herald
5.6.09 ‘Knives licensing’ Scottish Government News Release

H. Macdonell 10.6.09 ‘Scots police numbers reach a record high’ The Scotsman
BBC 9.6.09 ‘Police numbers ‘at record high’’ BBC
M. Mclaughlin 3.8.09 ‘Crimefighting faces cuts as biggest police force is hit by £35m deficit’ The Scotsman
C. Sweeney 3.8.09 ‘Police forces across Scotland admit budget crisis’ The Times
H. Macdonell 12.6.09 ‘New £20m police pension black hole – and taxpayer has to fill it’ The Scotsman–
I. Swanson 26.6.09 ‘Whyte warns national policing board may lead to single force’ The Scotsman

29.5.09 ‘Labour attempts to remove ‘get-out’ clause in rape law’ The Scotsman
10.6.09 ‘MSPs move to close loophole in new rape bill’ The Herald
BBC 10.6.09 ‘MSPs pass major sex crime reforms’ BBC
R. Dinwoodie 11.6.09 ‘Holyrood passes landmark legislation on rape and sexual assault’ The Herald
3.8.09 ‘Fewer than one in ten rape cases in Scotland ends up in court’ The Herald
23.7.09 ‘Project to ‘turnaround’ offenders’ BBC
K. Bussey 29.7.09 ‘Treatment for jailed sex offenders is ‘woefully inadequate’’ The Scotsman
S. Macnab 2.8.09 ‘Less than 10% of rape cases prosecuted’ The Scotsman
10.6.09 ‘Sexual Offences Bill’ Scottish Government News Release

BBC 2.6.09 ‘Evidence begins at McKie inquiry’ BBC

M. Macaskill 14.6.09 ‘Euro threat to Scots justice’ The Times

R. Dinwoodie 19.6.09 ‘£50m to be saved by bill to reduce prisoners’ claims’ The Herald
18.6.09 ‘Legal loophole for prisoners closed’ Scottish Government News Release

J. Robertson 26.7.09 ‘£100m paid to victims of crime’ The Times
19.7.09 ‘’Lack of help’ for abuse victims’ BBC

M. Reid 24.9.09 ‘Lord Advocate says assisted suicide law is a matter for Scottish Parliament’ The Times
25.9.09 ‘MSP wants free vote on legal suicide bill’ he Scotsman

T. Whitehead 20.8.09 ‘Police face calls to scrap thousands of DNA files’ The Telegraph

A. Macleod 27.5.09 ‘Immigrants choose England over Scotland’ The Times
R. Dinwoodie 27.7.09 ‘Migrants who settle in Scotland will get extra citizenship points’ The Herald
T. Crichton 4.8.09 ‘New point system for immigrants’ The Herald
3.8.09 ‘Fresh calls to end the detention of children’ The Herald
1.8.09 ‘SNP urge end to child detentions’ BBC

10.7.09 ‘Minister promises action over sectarian flags’ The Herald
A. Macleod 23.4.09 ‘SNP urged to drop ‘sectarian and divisive’ Muslim candidate’ The Times

4.7 Education

B. Currie 2.6.09 ‘Tories and LibDems join in criticism of SNP over potential loss of teaching jobs’ The Herald
L. Christie 15.6.09 ‘SNP is accused of ‘betraying’ new teachers’ The Scotsman
G. Paton 11.8.09 ‘Teaching scheme branded ‘a flop’’ The Telegraph
D. Maddox 25.9.09 ‘The lady vanishes: beleaguered education secretary accused of fleeing schools debate’ The Scotsman
17.8.09 ‘Labour on attack over drop in teaching posts’ The Herald
J. Allardyce and J. Robertson 30.8.09 ‘Galbraith: sack bad teachers’ The Times
A. Denholm 9.9.09 ‘Scottish teachers fall behind in European salary scale’ The Herald

J. Belgutay and J. Allardyce 28.6.09 ‘SNP’s class-size pledge ‘dead in water’’ The Times
J. Allardyce and J. Belgutay 28.6.09 ‘Class struggle for parents ahead of new term’ The Times
2.7.09 ‘Parents ‘misled on class sizes’’ BBC
R. Jacson 21.7.09 ‘Tory claims agreement exposes end to SNP class-size policy’ The Scotsman
27.7.09 ‘Councils are ignoring class vow, say Tories’ The Herald
D. Maddox 27.6.09 ‘SNP denies abandoning move to cut primary class sizes’ The Scotsman
23.9.09 ‘Shambles in schools’ The Herald
F. Macleod 9.9.09 ‘Pupils need better teachers, not smaller classes, says academic’ The Scotsman
A. Macleod 26.6.09 ‘SNP ‘wriggling out’ of promise on primary classes’ The Times
A. Denholm 29.9.09 ‘Fears for pupils in classroom funding shortfall’ The Herald
L. McIntosh 9.9.09 ‘Smaller class sizes ‘don’t benefit pupils’’ The Times
A. Denholm 23.9.09 ‘Lesson in realism as class size of 25 targeted’ The Herald
L. Mcintosh 23.9.09 ‘Primary class sizes to be reduced to 25’ The Times

28.7.09 ‘Childcare boost for economy’ The Scotsman
12.8.09 ‘It’s childs’ play’ The Herald

D. Maddox and F. Macleod 18.6.09 ‘Delay on new schools drags into 2011’ The Scotsman
F. Macleod 18.6.09 ‘Slow progress on a long-term problem’ The Scotsman
L. McIntosh 18.6.09 ‘SNP building plan attacked for lack of new schools’ The Times
S. Macnab 20.6.09 ‘School closures must be clearer, say MSPs’ The Scotsman
A. Denholm 29.6.09 ‘SNP slammed over changes in school repairs priority lists’ The Herald
Scottish Government News Release 17.6.09 ‘MSPs learn of new schools programme’
V. Rames 28.9.09 ‘Crumbling schools are given cash to rebuild’ The Scotsman
28.9.09 ‘Education Secretary announces first schools to get £1bn funding boost’ The Herald
25.8.09 ‘Cash boost for new Gaelic schools’ BBC

A. Macleod 25.9.09 ‘Fiona Hyslop a victim of her party’s Alice and Wonderland manifesto’ The Times
24.9.09 ‘Salmond backs embattled minister’ BBC

A. Denholm 23.9.09 ‘Scottish Government plans overhaul of primary schools’ The Herald

Curriculum for excellence
L. McIntosh 8.7.09 ‘Mission to declutter the education system’ The Times
L. McIntosh 8.7.09 ‘Now join up the details, teachers demand’ The Times
M. Linklater 8.7.09 ‘We must also teach the basics – or repeat the blunders England made in the 1960s’ The Times
F. Macleod 10.7.09 ‘New schools curriculum is branded ‘not good enough’’ The Scotsman
F. Macleod 22.9.09 ‘Fears of lack of detail in school plans dismissed by minister’ The Scotsman
9.6.09 ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ Scottish Government News Release

23.6.09 ‘Fewer pupils eating school meals’ BBC

D. Maddox 20.7.09 ‘New call to open up private schools to poorer children’ Thee Scotsman–

J. Allardyce and J. Belgutay 7.6.09 ‘SNP snubs David Willetts plan to lower university grades’ The Times
J. Allardyce 2.8.09 ‘University drop out rate is 11%’ The Times
L. McIntosh 4.8.09 ‘Record Highers pass rate squeezes university places’ The Times
5.8.09 ‘Exam passes reach record levels’ BBC
S. Macdonald 9.8.09 ‘Fears for exam value as 44% score gains Higher pass’ The Times
L. McIntosh 15.7.09 ‘Status at risk as universities cut jobs’ The Times
14.9.09 ‘We will pay a heavy price if we lose free university education’ The Herald

23.6.09 ‘Fees boost for part-time study’ The Scotsman
P. Wintour 19.7.09 ‘Student fees for those who live at home should be axed – report’ The Guardian
J. Swaine 28.7.09 ‘Universities should take more poor pupils if fees are to rise, says Mandelson’ The Telegraph
10.9.09 ‘Tuition fees reintroduction call’ BBC News
S. Mackinnon 6.11.08 ‘Call for three-year uni courses’ BBC News
9.3.09 ‘Extra funds for further education’ BBC News
10.9.09 ‘Call to bring back university tuition fees’ The Herald
17.9.09 ‘Scotland will not reintroduce university tuition fees’ The herald
G. Peev 21.9.09 ‘Scots Liberal Democrats warn Clegg: Think again on allowing tuition fees’ The Scotsman
31.8.09 ‘Record level of student hardship funding, say LibDems’ The Herald

M. Macaskill 31.5.09 ‘Truants bribed not to skip class’ The Times
L. McIntosh 11.6.09 ‘Pupils freed to leave school at 16 without any qualifications’ The Times
I. Swanson and G. Fraser 28.7.09 ‘Schools chief ‘destroying vital project’’ The Scotsman
S. Macnab 12.9.09 ‘£1m education pledge ‘broken’’ The Scotsman

G. Paton 1.7.09 ‘Ed Balls: Teachers to be ‘licensed’ to work in schools’ The Telegraph
2.7.09 ‘Ed Balls criticised over academies programme’ The Telegraph
J. Shepherd 22.7.09 ‘Primary teachers should have A-level maths and English, say thinktank’ The Guardian
E. Conway 22.7.09 ‘Education spending to be cut by £100m despite Gordon Brown’s pledge’ The Telegraph
4.8.09 ‘Sats results: fewer primary school pupils reach English standard’ The Telegraph

4.8 Social Services and Social Work

C. Sweeney 17.9.09 ‘Elderly not fed properly at care homes’ The Times

This could open up debate in Scotland on free personal care:

M. Beckford 15.7.09 ‘Elderly face £20,000 bill upon retirement for care costs’ The Telegraph
M. Beckford 15.7.09 ‘Elderly care Green Paper: Labour accused of doing too little, too late’ The Telegraph
M. Beckford 14.7.09 ‘Care funding: pros and cons of the options’ The Telegraph
14.7.09 ‘Andy Burnham says ‘cruel lottery’ of elderly care must end ‘ The Telegraph
J. Hope, L. Philips and A. Dolan 19.8.09 ‘Justice over care home costs: NHS forced to refund £350,000 fees to grieving families’ The Dailymail

26.6.09 ‘Take more children away from addict parents, says Labour leader’ The Scotsman
G. Braiden 29.6.09 ‘£8m pledged to build children’s homes’ The Herald
L. Mcintosh 20.8.09 ‘Brandon Muir: social workers knew of Heather Boyd’s chaotic life’ he Times
L. Mcintosh 20.8.09 ‘Brandon Muir timeline’ The Times
L. Mcintosh 20.8.09 ‘Demand for public inquiry into death of Brandon Muir’ The Times
9.9.09 ‘Government bid to salvage children’s hearing laws’ The Herald
R. Dinwoodie 8.9.09 ‘Row over lawyers at children’s hearings’ The Herald

4.9 Energy, Transport and Environment
4.10 Agriculture, Fish, Food and Water

J. Haworth 27.5.09 ‘MSPs reject tough climate targets in committee vote’ The Scotsman
J. Haworth 18.6.09 ‘Salmond rapped for failing climate request’ The Scotsman
B. Currie 22.6.09 ‘SNP plan for carbon cuts too weak, say opposition’ The Herald
R. Dinwoodie 23.6.09 ‘SNP bows to Green lobby and amends carbon emissions cut’ The Herald
23.6.09 ‘Margo holds key to vote on climate’ The Scotsman
23.6.09 ‘Climate change targets ‘tougher’’ BBC
24.6.09 ‘SNP warms to higher target for reduction in emissions’ The Scotsman–
J. Haworth 25.6.09 ‘MSPs get power to fine over climate change’ The Scotsman
24.6.09 ‘MSPs agree 42% pollution-reduction target by 2020’ The Scotsman
R. Dinwoodie 25.6.09 ‘MPs back target to reduce emissions by 42%’ The Herald
A. Macleod 24.6.09 ‘Bill to cut carbon emissions 80% by 2050’ The Times
8.9.09 ‘Progress made on emissions’ Scottish Government News Release
2.9.09 ‘Climate Challenge Fund’ Scottish Government News Release
5.8.09 ‘Climate Change Bill’ Scottish Government News Release
25.6.09 ‘Climate Change Bill passed’ Scottish Government News Release
23.6.09 ‘Climate change agreement’ Scottish Government News Release

M. Macaskill 31.5.09 ‘Bikes pushed as eco plan in Scots cities’ The Times
D. Maddox 29.6.09 ‘Scots vehicles to go electric in next ten years, vow ministers’ The Scotsman
J. Ross 24.7.09 ‘SNP accused of falling behind with road improvements’ The Scotsman
26.8.09 ‘New high-speed rail plan unveiled’ BBC
8.6.09 ‘High speed rail link’ Scottish Government News Release

D. Maddox 1.7.09 ‘MSPs back nuclear-free goal but seek more years from existing plants’ The Scotsman
A. Seager 12.7.09 ‘Civil servants accused of delaying renewable energy incentives’ The Guardian
F. Urquhart 18.8.09 ‘Salmond announces £2.6m for green energy centre’ The Scotsman

D. Ross 1.7.09 ‘MSPs under fire over Beauly to Denny line’ The Herald
J. Ross 4.7.09 ‘Holyrood ignored power line evidence, claim critics’ The Scotsman
D. Maddox 27.8.09 ‘Power line ‘could create 12,000 green jobs’’ The Scotsman
27.8.09 ‘Green power ‘may create 12,500 jobs’’ The Herald

10.6.09 ‘Holyrood backing for council tax breaks on energy’ The Herald

S. Houston and J. Belgutay 12.7.09 ‘Paper meant for recycling is dumped’ The Times
F. Urquhart 21.8.09 ‘Minister unveils plans for a ‘zero waste’ Scotland’ The Scotsman
A. Philip 28.9.09 ‘Home-insulation scheme ‘set up to fail’, say Greens’ The Scotsman–
20.8.09 ‘Zero Waste Plan’ Scottish Government News Release

R. Dinwoodie 28.5.09 ‘Liberal Democrats flock to Holyrood to protest at ‘unworkable’ electronic tagging of sheep’ The Herald
D. Charter 2.6.09 ‘CCTV fishing trial aims for big quotas but less waste’ The Times
H. Macdonell 15.6.09 ‘Deer could be shot all year round under wildlife law reforms’ The Scotsman
B. Currie 9.6.09 ‘SNP attacked over rural funding’ The Herald
D. Ross 26.6.09 ‘MSPs call for Ombudsman to mediate in price wrangles’ The Herald (PIG REPORT)
N. Christian 19.7.09 ‘Pledge to safeguard Scots food supplies’ The Scotsman
B. Currie 20.7.09 ‘Scotland could be hit by food shortages’ The Herald
11.8.09 ‘GM produce is back on the political menu, says minister’ The Scotsman
A. Philip 21.9.09 ‘’Failing fishing rules need urgent reform’’ The Scotsman—
21.9.09 ‘Farming for a better climate’ Scottish Government News Release
31.7.09 ‘Protecting fish stocks’ Scottish Government News Release
30.7.09 ‘Single Farm Payment timetable’ Scottish Government News Release
25.6.09 ‘Single Farm Payment Inquiry’ The Scottish Governement

D. Ross 14.7.09 ‘Crofters mobilising against ‘oppressive’ draft reform bill’ The Herald
D. Ross 12.8.09 ‘Crofters and landowners join forces against reform Bill’ The Herald
M. Wade 11.8.09 ‘Crofters warn of traditions being lost ‘within two generations’’ The Times

A. Macleod 31.7.09 ‘Pressure on SNP to revive Scottish Land Fund’ The Times
C. Macleod and N. Busby 27.8.09 ‘Cash up front or right to buy is meaningless’ The Scotsman

4.12 Housing and Homelessness
E. Barnes and T. Peterkin 14.6.09 ‘Holyrood set to levy tax on house sales’ The Scotsman
R. Dinwoodie 12.6.09 ‘Gray’s pledge on repossessions’ The Herald
B. Currie 16.6.09 ‘Swinney announces £31m housing boost ‘ The Herald ‘
7.7.09’ Immigrants do not get housing priority, study shows’ The Telgraph
I. Swanson and S. McAngus 16.7.09 ‘Capital housing waiting list ‘would take 13 years to clear’’ The Scotsman
5.8.09 ‘MP attacks ‘muddled’ government schemes to help homeowners’ The Herald
T. Peterkin 10.8.09 ‘SNP accused of favouritism over green housing scheme’ The Scotsman
D. Maddox 20.8.09 ‘Labour calls for Scottish figures on housing repossessions’ The Scotsman
S. Macnab ‘Call for £200m of new homes’ The Scotsman
4.9.09 ‘More homes for homeless households’ Scottish Government News Release
27.8.09 ‘Number of affordable homes soar’ Scottish Government News Release
10.7.09 ‘Right to buy slammed’ Scottish Government News Release
26.6.09 ‘Council homes across Scotland’ Scottish Government News Release
10.6.09 ‘Help to prevent homelessness’ Scottish Government News Release
30.7.09 ‘More energy efficient homes’ Scottish Government News Release

4.13 Culture and Media

D. Maddox 16.7.09 ‘SNP under fire for no plan to mark Reformation’ The Scotsman
C. Sweeney 17.7.09 ‘Upturn cheers Scots tourist chiefs as golfers take to the fairways’ The Times
S. Macnab 29.7.09 ‘Ministers hold talks over fresh Gathering’ The Scotsman
A. brown 26.7.09 ‘Clans make it a giant party’ The Times
R. Dinwoodie 7.8.09 ‘Campbell pipes up in praise of devolution and Homecoming’ The Herald


I. Swanson 6.7.09 ‘Government attacked over refusal to ban circus animals’ The Scotsman

[1] See previous monitors: Cairney, September 2007: 17; Cairney, January 2008: 10-11; Cairney, May 2009: 41.
[2] T. Gordon 3.8.09 ‘Sir John Elvidge in ‘bias’ row’ The Times
[3] E. Barnes 7.9.09 ‘Top civil servants plan for break-up of the UK’ The Scotsman; A. Macleod 8.9.09 ‘Civil servants accused of stoking conflict with UK’ The Times The other, much less newsworthy strategies were competing, co-existing and collaboration
[4] D. Maddox 22.9.09 ‘Pressure piles on Scotland’s top mandarin over ‘Nationalist bias’’ The Scotsman
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