Class sizes

This is just a list of newspaper articles on class size targets, linked to Fiona Hyslop’s departure as Education secretary in 2009. I refer to it in my book ‘The Scottish Political System Since Devolution’ ( ). Some of the links may no longer work (e.g. The Times has gone subscription-based since I collected them), but the Scotsman has a very good archive.

D. Maddox 16.10.09 ‘Hyslop admits government has failed on class sizes’, The Scotsman,
F. Macleod 12.11.09 ‘Failure on class sizes isn’t my fault … blame the recession, councils and minority rule – Fiona Hyslop’, The Scotsman,
L. McIntosh 12.11.09 ‘Hyslop blames class size failures on councils’, The Times,
B. Currie 03.12.09 ‘Gray: Salmond misled MSPs with promise on class sizes’, The Herald,
S. Johnson 03.12.09 “Alex Salmond accused of misleading MSPs over ‘unachievable’ class size pledge”, Telegraph,
T. Peterkin 06.12.09 ‘Three codes broken in promoting SNP class size pledge, claim Lib Dems’, Scotland on Sunday,
C. Mackie 08.12.09 ‘Ex-education minister calls for inquiry into SNP class sizes pledge’, The Scotsman,
Herald Scotland 07.12.09 ‘Salmond faces Holyrood inquiry over primary class sizes’, The Herald,
BBC News 08.12.09 ‘Salmond’s class size claim probed’, BBC News,
C. Churchill 10.12.09 ‘Anger as Russell offers up new class size deal’, The Herald,
F. Macleod 12.12.09 ‘Mike Russell admits class sizes will not be reduced in lifetime of government’, The Scotsman,
Scottish Government News Release 11.11.09 ‘Review of class sizes taken forward’
Scottish Government News Release 23.09.09 ‘Action to tackle class sizes’
I. Swanson 01.12.09 ‘Fiona Hyslop sacked as Education Secretary’, The Scotsman,
A. Macleod 02.12.09 “Salmond ‘sacrifices’ his Education Secretary”, The Times,
A. Macleod 01.12.09 ‘Fantasy of education portfolio sealed Hyslop’s fate’, The Times,
A. Macleod 01.12.09 ‘Fiona Hyslop stripped of education role in SNP Cabinet’, The Times,
BBC News 01.12.09 ‘Demoted SNP education secretary endorses successor’, BBC News,
A. Cochrane 02.12.09 ‘It is good news for Scotland’s children that Alex Salmond has finally faced reality on Fiona Hylsop’, Telegraph,
Telegraph 02.12.09 ‘Alex Salmond forced to sack education minister after resignation bluff called’, Telegraph,
T. Peterkin 04.12.09 “Alex Salmond ‘used sacked Fiona Hyslop as scapegoat and misled Holyrood’”, The Scotsman,
A. Macleod 04.12.09 “Salmond accused of ‘sticking knife’ into Hyslop over class size memo”, The Times,
M. Linklater 04.12.09 ‘Alex Salmond is hurt and Holyrood knows it’, The Times,
A. Macleod 02.12.09 “Salmond sacked Hyslop ‘because she had lost support of the party’”, The Times,

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