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I don’t know what to do with this policy theory/ practice paper

This is a first for me. I have gotten used to churning out and publishing papers quickly – often after one (or none) conference presentations. However, this one has beaten me. I have presented it 4 times in 2 years but am no further forward about how to revise it or where to send it. My first thought was Public Administration, but maybe it will be described as too specific and too self indulgent for such a highly rated journal (although it does tick the box on academic-practitioner discussion). My second thought was Teaching Public Administration because it is dealing with the ‘teaching’ of policy theory to practitioners.  Any suggestions welcome, unless you just want to suggest that I shoosh.

Paul Cairney ICPP 4.6.13 How Can Policy Theory Inform Policymaking


Paul Cairney (2015) ‘How Can Policy Theory Have an Impact on Policy Making?’ Teaching Public Administration, 33, 1, 22-39 PDF

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