Imagine that you look down and realise that you are wearing what appears to be a Union Jack disguised as a shirt. You then get all self conscious about what you should wear to demonstrate your indyref credentials. Here are the main possibilities:

1. Classy Unionist

20131101-143631.jpg2. If you yell ‘freedom!’ at the same time, Dramatic Nationalist

20131101-143644.jpg3. If you favour Devolution wrapped warmly within the Union:

20131101-143655.jpg4. If you mutter ‘freedom’ under your breath, Cautious Nationalist

20131101-143720.jpg5. If you want to abolish the Scottish Parliament in favour of tartanised UK policy

20131101-143734.jpg6. If you want to look sort of Scottishy but don’t want to give anything away

20131101-143745.jpg7. If you want to change the subject:


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