After last night’s question time, #indyref2 looks further away (unless it’s Rocky II)

After I watched Miliband and Sturgeon on last night’s Question Time, I knew I had seen something similar before: the closing scene of Rocky. We are currently at the ‘ain’t gonna be no rematch … I don’t want one’ stage.

Of course, by Rocky II there was a rematch. So, if life mirrors the Rocky franchise directly, here is what will have to happen before a second referendum on independence happens:

1. Miliband changes his mind dramatically and, after much soul searching and taunting-based persuasion from Miliband, Sturgeon is persuaded to go for it one more time.

2. Miliband is driven by the unexpectedly high potential revenue from a spinoff #indyref2 (a great boost to the UK budget) and Sturgeon writes the script.

Then, Sturgeon wins. Then, Sturgeon loses to the US before winning again with the help of Miliband (maybe that’s the Trident negotiations). Then, during WWIII, Russia annihilates the UK before Scotland saves the day. I forget what happened in the next two.

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