One year research post at Stirling, energy politics and policy in a multi-level UK

Update: the deadline has passed and the interviews will be May 1st.

We are recruiting: Research Assistant in Energy Politics and Public Policy.

The post is one year full time and it begins as soon as possible (hopefully early May). The deadline is Thursday 5th April (3 days!) and I think we will interview on the week beginning 23rd April.

The panel will likely be three people: me (describing the specific project), Dr Emily St Denny (subject expert, likely probing your knowledge of politics/ public policy research), and Professor Richard Oram (Head of Faculty, likely probing your wider transferable skills). It will be less daunting than the usual panel for a lectureship (at least five people, including one of the most senior managers).

I apologise for such a short contract (and short notice). We have tried to do some things to make it more rewarding:

  1. We consolidated our funding, and the University of Stirling contributed extra funding, to make the post full time and include some space for training/ career development.
  2. If you and I are being honest, the biggest part of career development – at least if you seek a permanent lectureship or similar University post – is to add to your list of publications. It is harder to make any guarantees in this regard, but I will work with you (and our wider team) to make sure that your contribution to the project is recognised fully and reflected accurately in our outputs. One or two decent team-authored journal articles seems realistic (albeit published after the end of the contract). I will also deal with ‘reviewer 2’ on our behalf.
  3. ‘Impact’ is also central to academic careers. You should have the chance to, for example, take part in academic-practitioner workshops and develop ‘networking’ skills (I apologise for turning network into a verb).
  4. I’ll do all I can to be flexible, to support your choice about how you work most effectively (perhaps this will be the first conversation with the successful candidate).

The full description of the advert is here and there is some background on our project here.

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