Cool guy on a skateboard

At the end of this post is my favourite picture of the year.

I took it by mistake in California.

I was trying to take a free picture of crap Spiderman.

If you go down W Holywood, you can pay $10 for a selfie with yer da dressed up as Spiderman so that he can chat up Catwoman.


I was trying to get a free picture of Spiderman’s dad without attracting their attention.

So I asked my son to pretend to take a picture of him, to zoom into the background.

This is the first go, before we got the good pic.


In the better pic, there is a lot going on.

  1. Spiderman’s dad saying ‘hot enough for you?’ to Catwoman


2. The boy looking glaikit (for photographic purposes of course).


3. And this cool guy – possibly Jesus – going past on a skateboard.


You can also buy crêpes.


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