All the details on the University’s website are here and the summary is here

2015 MPP handbook (not the finished article) Master of Public Policy handbook 2015

MPP front page

You can also get an idea of the content of two of the core MPP modules from these two pages:

1. In the second semester, we examine a wide range of theories and concepts in political science, and compare them to interdisciplinary approaches (in, for example, psychology and economics). There is a complete introduction to these concepts here:

2. In the first semester , we focus more on the ‘nuts and bolts’ of British policymaking (which involves an important focus on devolved, European and global processes). There is a much less complete (I am trying to find the time, honest) introduction to these issues here:

Why PG study at Stirling?

Division of History and Politics

School of Applied Social Science

The second intake will be September 2015. The  fee is £6000 Home/ EU and £11900 Overseas. The University of Stirling is offering any UK or European Union student with a First Class Honours degree (or equivalent) a £2,000 scholarship to study full-time on any taught Master’s course or £1,000 for part-time study. Further information on the scholarships is available here

Don’t be fooled by the term ‘Master’, which makes higher education sound like a men-only club. I will feel like a failure if the course does not have a decent gender balance.

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