Policy and Policymaking in the UK

Right now, this page contains blog posts and podcasts on the theme of policy and policymaking in the UK (for my old – 2016 – POLU9UK undergraduate course). Eventually, it will contain draft chapters of a book that I am co-authoring with Dr Sean Kippin. Right now, some old versions of my single-author chapters are at the end of the page, but they are part of a book that was never written. We should manage this time if everyone promises that not much else will change in British Politics before 2022.

Blog Posts

  1. British politics, Brexit and UK sovereignty: what does it all mean? #POLU9UK

2. Two stories of British politics: the Westminster model versus Complex Government

3. Policymaking in the UK: do you really know who is in charge and who to blame?

4. Policy Concepts in 1000 Words: the Westminster Model and Multi-level Governance

(podcast download)

4. BONUS MATERIAL Writing a policy paper and blog post (no podcast)

[Weeks 5 and 6 were for presentations]

7a. Policy networks and communities 

7b. Policy Concepts in 1000 Words: Networks, sub-government and communities

8a. Socioeconomic factors and events in British politics 

8b. Policy Concepts in 1000 Words: Context, Events, Structural and Socioeconomic Factors

9. What happens when UK Governments try to control and delegate policymaking? 


Note on podcasts: if you want to download them (perhaps because they won’t play on the site on some computers), right click and download: one, two, three, four, … nine.

Book: Policy and Policymaking in the UK

Chapter 1 Introduction: how is policy made in the UK?

Chapters 2-6 are based loosely on what @peterjohn10 calls the ‘five core causal processes’ in public policy: choices, institutions, networks, ideas and socioeconomic factors.

Chapter 2 Policymaking in the UK: What is Policy and How is it Made?

… big gap ….

Chapter 16 Conclusion: Two ways to understand policymaking in the UK

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