POLU9SP: Politics and Policymaking in Scotland

POLU9SP (2015 Autumn) – module hand-out

Here is the list of blog posts that correspond to my lectures for this course. Each week, I will add a link to two posts. All going well, both posts will be here by the close of play on Monday, to help you read and prepare for Wednesday and Thursday. I will add a weblink to the text below, and you should be able to spot them (they will be blue and underlined). You can also find useful resources on other pages, such as:

Scottish politics books and articles

Posts before and after the Scottish independence referendum

Posts which introduce you to policy concepts and theories

You should treat most of these posts like a first step – they should prompt your interest in a topic enough to get you to go further and read the books and articles – rather than a good enough description of each topic.

[note: almost all of the boxes/ tables in the posts are from Scottish Politics]

Lecture/ blog topics – week numbers (the number is Wednesday, the bullet is Thursday):

  1. Introduction: can there be a ‘Scottish approach’ to policymaking?

Key concepts in policymaking: some issues are territorial, some are universal

  1. Key theories in policymaking: how to explain what is going on in Scotland

How to present policy analysis to many audiences (coursework)

  1. Devolution and ‘new politics’ in Scotland: the implications for policymaking

New forms of politics and policymaking in Scotland: participatory and deliberative democracy resurgent?

  1. New politics: a central or peripheral role for the Scottish Parliament?

Pluralist democracy and the ‘Scottish policy style’: the role of ‘pressure participants’ such as interest groups

  1. The Scottish Government and the ‘Scottish approach’ to policymaking’

Localism, partnerships and new forms of governance beyond the centre

  1. Scottish policymaking in the context of multi-level governance 

Intergovernmental relations and shared policymaking 

  1. The role of HM Treasury and the ‘Barnett formula’ 

The effect of constitutional change on politics and policymaking

  1. Policy change, convergence and divergence since Scottish devolution

The implementation of policy in Scotland

  1. Case studies: prevention and early intervention to address austerity and inequality

Case studies: healthcare, public health, mental health

  1. Case studies: early years, compulsory, further and higher education

Looking ahead: will policy and policymaking change with constitutional change?