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This section on Scottish politics gathers together my published academic work (books and journal articles) with blog posts from here and other sites.

Cairney McGarvey 2013If you click on the first book, it takes you to the Palgrave site with the sample introductory chapter. When Amazon does its ‘look inside’ it will appear here. You can also get a pre-production sample chapter here.

McGArvey Cairney 2008

if you want to read the 1st edition, click on its photo on the right. It contains a chapter (11) laying out a range of hopes for new forms of democracy in Scotland. The interesting thing (for me at least) is that we dumped that chapter because nothing much has happened since.

Cairney 2011 The Scottish Political System Since Devolution

The third picture takes you straight to ‘look inside’ at Amazon. You can also access a PDF version of the book and the ‘talking points‘. This is a monograph which is one part original research and one part a distillation of 10 years of devolution monitoring reports into one book (2006-9 reports here). The reports don’t run any more, but people like Alan Trench still provide that sort of useful detailed information.

I have written quite a lot of academic journal articles on Scottish politics too. Here is a themed set of publications, with links either to the PDF or to the separate Paywall and Green Access versions:

Policymaking Styles and Relationships with Interest Groups

Paul Cairney, Siabhainn Russell and Emily St Denny (2015) “The ‘Scottish approach’ to policy and policymaking: what issues are territorial and what are universal?” Policy and Politics – blog post/ link to article PDF

Paul Cairney and Anders Widfeldt (2015) ‘Is Scotland a Westminster-style Majoritarian Democracy or a Scandinavian-style Consensus Democracy? A comparison of Scotland, the UK and Sweden’, Regional and Federal Studies, 25, 1, 1-18, DOI: 10.1080/13597566.2014.958818 PDF

Paul Cairney (2014) ‘The Territorialisation of Interest Representation in Scotland: Did Devolution Produce a New Form of Group-Government Relations?’ Territory, Politics, Governance, Advance Access PDF

Paul Cairney (2013) ‘Territorial Policy Communities and the Scottish Policy Style: The Case of Compulsory Education’, Scottish Affairs, 82, Winter, 10-34 PDF

Paul Cairney (2011) ‘The New British Policy Style: From a British to a Scottish Political Tradition?’, Political Studies Review, 9, 2, 208-20 PDF Paywall Green

Paul Cairney (2009) ‘Implementation and the Governance Problem:  A Pressure Participant Perspective’, Public Policy and Administration, 24, 4, 355-77 PDF Paywall Green

Michael Keating, Paul Cairney and Eve Hepburn (2009) ‘Territorial Policy Communities and Devolution in the United Kingdom’, Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, 2, 1, 51-66 PDF Paywall Green

Paul Cairney (2008) ‘Has Devolution Changed the British Policy Style?, British Politics, 3, 3, 350-72 PDF  Paywall Green

(book chapter) Paul Cairney, Darren Halpin and Grant Jordan (2009) ‘New Scottish Parliament, Same Old Interest Group Politics?’ in C. Jeffery and J. Mitchell (eds.) The Scottish Parliament, 1999-2009: The First Decade (Edinburgh: Luath Press) Paywall Green

The referendum and its implications

Paul Cairney (2015) ‘The Scottish Independence Referendum: What are the Implications of a No Vote?’ Political Quarterly, 86, 2, 186-91 PDF

Paul Cairney (2015) ‘Scotland’s Future Political System’, Political Quarterly, 86, 2, 217-25 PDF

Intergovernmental Relations, Policy Boundaries and Policy Transfer

Paul Cairney (2012) ‘Intergovernmental Relations in Scotland: what was the SNP effect?’ British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 14, 2, 231-49 PDF Paywall Green

Michael Keating, Paul Cairney and Eve Hepburn (2012) ‘Policy Convergence, Transfer and Learning in the UK under Devolution’, Regional and Federal Studies, 22, 3, 289-307 PDF Paywall Green

Paul Cairney (2006) ‘Venue Shift Following Devolution: When Reserved Meets Devolved in Scotland’, Regional and Federal Studies, 16, 4, 429-45 PDF  Paywall Green

Paul Cairney and Michael Keating (2004) “Sewel Motions in the Scottish Parliament”, Scottish Affairs, 47, 115-34 Free Green

Policymaking in Specific Policy Areas

Paul Cairney (2012) ‘Territorial Policy Communities and the Scottish Policy Style: the Case of Compulsory Education’, Scottish Affairs, 82, Winter, 10-34  Brown Green

Paul Cairney (2009) “The ‘British Policy Style’ and Mental Health: Beyond the Headlines”, Journal of Social Policy, 38, 4, 1-18 PDF Paywall Green

Paul Cairney (2002) “New Public Management and the Thatcher Health Care Legacy”, British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 4, 3, 375-98 PDF Paywall

Michael Keating, Linda Stevenson, Paul Cairney and Kate Taylor (2003) ‘Does Devolution Make a Difference? Legislative Output and Policy Divergence in Scotland’, Journal of Legislative Studies, 9, 3, 110-39 PDF Paywall Green

(book chapter) Michael Keating and Paul Cairney (2009) ‘The New Scottish Statute Book: The Scottish Parliament’s Legislative Record Since 1999’ in C. Jeffery and J. Mitchell (eds.) The Scottish Parliament, 1999-2009: The First Decade (Edinburgh: Luath Press) Book Green

Tobacco Policy with Scottish Elements

Paul Cairney (2009) ‘The Role of Ideas in Policy Transfer: The Case of UK Smoking Bans since Devolution’, Journal of European Public Policy, 16, 3, 471-488 PDF Paywall Green

Bossman Asare, Paul Cairney and Donley Studlar (2009) ‘Federalism and Multilevel Governance in Tobacco Policy: The European Union, the United Kingdom and the Devolved UK Institutions’, Journal of Public Policy, 29, 1, 79-102 PDF Paywall Green

Paul Cairney (2007) ‘Using Devolution to Set the Agenda? Venue shift and the smoking ban in Scotland’, British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 9,1, 73-89 PDF Paywall Green

Coalition, Minority, Majority Government/ The Scottish Parliament/ The ‘Political Class’ 

Paul Cairney, Alex Wilson and Michael Keating (2015) “Solving the problem of social background in the UK ‘political class’: do parties do things differently in Westminster, devolved, and European elections?” British Politics PDF

Paul Cairney and Jim Johnston (2014) ‘What is the Role of the Scottish Parliament?’, Scottish Parliamentary Review, 1, 2, 91-130 PDF

Paul Cairney (2013) How Can the Scottish Parliament Be Improved as a Legislature?, Scottish Parliamentary Review, 1, 1 Green

Paul Cairney (2011) ‘Coalition Government in Scotland: lessons for the UK’, Political Quarterly, 82, 2, 261-9 PDF Paywall Green

Paul Cairney (2006) ‘The Analysis of Scottish Parliament Committees: Beyond Capacity and Structure in Comparing West European Legislatures’, European Journal of Political Research, 45, 2, 181-208 PDF Paywall Green

Michael Keating and Paul Cairney (2006) ‘A New Elite? Politicians and Civil Servants in Scotland after Devolution’, Parliamentary Affairs, 59, 1, 43-59 PDF Paywall Green (compare with the UK historical picture)

Mark Shephard and Paul Cairney (2005) “The Impact of the Scottish Parliament in Amending Executive Legislation”, Political Studies, 53, 2, 303-19 PDF Paywall Green

Mark Shephard and Paul Cairney (2004) “Consensual or Dominant Relationships with Parliament? A Comparison of Administrations and Ministers in Scotland”, Public Administration, 82, 4, 831-56 PDF Paywall Green

I have also written a silly amount of blog posts on Scottish politics. As a group, they can be found here:

Some highlights include:

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Under ‘Devo-Max’, ‘Fiscal Autonomy’ is an illusion

Can the Scottish Government pursue ‘prevention policy’ without independence?

What Do People Know About Scottish Politics?

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A Guide to the use of ‘Nationalism’ and ‘Scottish nationalism’ on Twitter

Would an Independent Scotland Become a Consensus Democracy?

The IndyRef and the Scottish Parliament

Why was Thatcherism relatively unpopular in Scotland?

The Scottish Independence Debate (Stirling)

Scotland, Independence and the European Union

Devolved taxes

New Post is an old post

Scottish Election 2011 – Holyrood Magazine

Scottish Election 2011 – SPICe Briefing

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