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Monetizing my website

Updated for 2018

Paul Cairney: Politics & Public Policy

Update December 2018

I kept two silly metrics going this year (while – genuinely – forgetting about the 3p thing in the original post), so it’s £276 (just in case) from this site and £288 from this offer:

I gave the £554 to Hope not Hate. Again, please feel free to set up your own website if you’d like to comment on my choice.

If you’ve come this far, I’d like you to indulge my obsession with the stats on this site (e.g. help me to put my fingers in my ears and shout La La La a lot, to avoid someone telling me that web-traffic stats are no more reliable than…

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Cool guy on a skateboard

At the end of this post is my favourite picture of the year.

I took it by mistake in California.

I was trying to take a free picture of crap Spiderman.

If you go down W Holywood, you can pay $10 for a selfie with yer da dressed up as Spiderman so that he can chat up Catwoman.


I was trying to get a free picture of Spiderman’s dad without attracting their attention.

So I asked my son to pretend to take a picture of him, to zoom into the background.

This is the first go, before we got the good pic.


In the better pic, there is a lot going on.

  1. Spiderman’s dad saying ‘hot enough for you?’ to Catwoman


2. The boy looking glaikit (for photographic purposes of course).


3. And this cool guy – possibly Jesus – going past on a skateboard.


You can also buy crêpes.


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