Talks and blogs: ANZSOG and beyond

In 2018, I took a trip to New Zealand and Australia as a guest of ANZSOG. Here is a list of dates and titles for each talk (followed by some talks in Europe from 2018). There is usually a link in the name of the city to the advert for the talk. There is also a link in each title to a blog post on the talk. Some of the talks were recorded and I will add them when I get them. In the meantime, there is also a selection of tweets at the end to prove that I’m not making up the trip.

  1. Auckland 11 October University of Auckland (mostly academic audience) Why don’t policymakers listen to my evidence (powerpoint) (recorded lecture)
  2. Auckland 12 October Auckland Art Gallery (NZ public managers from Auckland council and State sector agencies)  Teaching evidence-based policy to fly: transferring sound policies across the world (not recorded)
  3. Auckland 12 October Working with complexity – evidence based practice and practice based evidence (including Auckland Co-design Lab and Southern Initiative, roundtable discussion of this kind of thing)
  4. Wellington October 15 The politics of evidence-based policy: the expectations of academics and policymakers and ways to meet in the middle (Policy Project, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, discussion based on this kind of old post, new post, and powerpoint presentation, followed by their summary)
  5. Wellington 15 October (200 NZ civil servants from Wellington-based departments and agencies) Prevention is better than cure: so why aren’t we doing more of it? (ppt)
  6. Wellington 16 October Victoria University (academic audience) The politics of evidence-based policy
  7. Wellington 17 October Victoria University (academic audience) Blogging and reaching out (see discussion of previous event and Q. Should PhD students blog? A. Yes)
  8. Melbourne 18 October (Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victoria State Government) The politics of evidence-based policy making (DPC)
  9. Sydney UNSW 19 October Why don’t policymakers listen to your evidence? (ppt presentation then roundtable on impact – videos below)
  10. Canberra (ANU) 22 October Taking lessons from policy theory into practice (lecture and discussion). Powerpoint here. Audio (skip to 2m30) (or right click download or dropbox link
  11. Canberra (ANU) 22 October podcast ‘Why prevention policies fail
  12. Canberra (UNSW) 23 October Why might policymakers listen to your evidence? (PhD workshop, discussing elements of a ppt I used for the SGSSS and this powerpoint presentation that I’ve used with UK and Scottish government audiences and in Wellington)
  13. Brisbane 24 October University of Queensland Theory and Practice: How to Communicate Policy Research beyond the Academy Blog PPT MP3
  14. Brisbane 25 October University of Queensland Evidence-based policymaking and the new policy sciences (see ppt & MP3 and article with Chris Weible)

UQ isn’t really a big tweety place, so here is a picture of a lovely tree there:

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European Health Forum Gastein 2018 ‘Policy in Evidence’ (from 6 minutes)

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